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Our gymnastics classes are fun and recreational taught by our friendly qualified and CRB / DBS checked coaches. We also have assistant coaches / helpers who are gymnasts themselves training to become qualified coaches.


There are never more than 8 children to one coach in our classes allowing the children to get as much coaching and support as they need.


The class structure is a group warm up lead by one of the coaches / helpers, then they all work on basic gymnastics skills in lines and are then split into groups based on age / ability and work on the tasks set for that session. The groups rotate around so they get to work with different coaches and equipment.


Badge work is also done in classes, this is not every week but most of the skills on the award scheme are incorporated into the classes. This enables the children to have something to work towards and they get badge and certificate after they have completed the sheets, each award gets harder as the gymnast develops.


A cool down / game / conditioning and cool down is at the end of the session depending on what the ability of the group is.


Our aim is to help improve the gymnast’s confidence in and outside of the gym and to develop them as the best gymnast they can be through fun and positive criticism.


If we feel a gymnast has a lot of potential and they would want to be pushed a lot more we would encourage them to move to a competitive club in order for them to pursue this.


Trampolining is an individual sport, and the children are taught on a one to one basis when it is their turn on the trampoline.


We never have a ratio of more than 5 gymnasts to one trampoline, in order for them to have a fair amount of turns.


The gymnasts work at their own pace following a badge scheme where they earn badges and certificates after completing an award, and each award gets harder as they progress through.


The children learn the safe progressions for moves by qualified, insured and CRB / DBS checked coaches and there are safety mats that are used when learning new moves.


The coaches encourage the gymnasts to work to the best ability they can through positive criticism and with a fun and friendly manor.


The children get 2 minute turns on the trampoline, and while they are waiting for their turn they stand at the side of the trampoline ‘spotting’ and learning off their peers.


We are now a competitive trampoline club, so those showing potential and wanting to compete in regional competitions are able to do this.

Combined class

Our combined classes give the younger children a small taster of both gymnastics and trampolining.

The classes are run by qualified, insured and CRB / DBS checked coaches.


There is a group warm up and then the class is split into 2, based on age / ability / gender.

One half of the class will do trampolining, and the other half will do gymnastics. They will then swap so they get a chance to do both.


At the end everyone is brought together and there is a cool down / game

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